• As a Boston resident and senior sales associate with Gibson for the past 20 years, Ted Pietras has extensive knowledge & familiarity with the area and its real estate environment. Ted is consistently among the top producers at Gibson and has received state and national recognition for his outstanding sales achievement.

  • Ted is proactively involved in effecting change; he served as a State Legislative Aide and organized a successful city-wide homeowner's group that focused on real estate issues. In addition to his career as a successful real estate agent, Ted is raising his teenage daughter and is extensively involved in community and civic activities. He is a volunteer for Eldercare and regularly participates in a variety of fundraising efforts.

  • As the President of his neighborhood business association, Ted has a leadership role in improving neighborhood conditions and helping to maintain and increase the value of real estate in Boston. Ted has also served on the Boards of the Friends of Titus Sparrow Park, the Claremont Neighborhood Association, and the Pilot Block N. Association.

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More about Ted:

The real estate sales processs is a complex interaction involving trust, communication, and the subtle art of influence.

Ted Pietras demonstrates, through his superior performance as a real estate agent, that he possesses the skills and expertise to successfully market, sell, and locate homes for his clients.